Ank Theatre Group to celebrate 40 years of Hindi Theatre with a festival at NCPA

On 1st October, 2016 ; Ank Theatre completes 40 years of contribution to Hindi Theatre ; and it certainly is a most prolific journey. The theatre group cherishes 82 productions and 7000 shows . The theatre group is the brainchild of Director  and veteran actor Shri Dinesh Thakur (the group started in 1976.)

Ank Theatre will celebrate the occasion by playing the longest running play in the history oh Hindi Theatre “Hai Mera Dil.”


Photo Credit: Ank Theatre

The veteran actor had done theatre all his life and the group of actors at Ank group of theatre, strive to keep his legacy alive; and take it forward in learning and the eternal spirit of creation and innovation in Hindi Theatre. The veteran actor believed that theatre is an actor’s medium and his translations and adaptations of French, German, English and American writings have introduced the thought, emotions, traditions and customs to India.

He was lovingly called the “Actor maker” and his students would vouch for the fact that he possessed a magic wand that he could wave around, and make actors of human beings.


Photo Credit: Ank Theatre

He single-handedly also make popular the works of other theatre  stalwarts  like Vijay Tendulkar (Marathi) and Badal Sircar (Bengali) in Mumbai and abroad.

Dr. Shankar Sesh Foundation and Ank Theatre present the most popular productions at a Memorial Theatre Festival on first and second October at NCPA.Mumbai. Do book your ticket!


Plays to be staged: Jaat Hi Poocho Na Sadhu Ki A bitter comedy(Vijay Tendulkar)

Cast: Aman Gupta,  S C Makhija,  Preeta Mathur Thakur, Atul Mathur, Shanker Iyer,  Probal Majumdar, Kumkum Majumdar, Nilesh Sakpal, Hardeep Singh, Abhishek, Ashok Vohra, Raj, Joginder, Kamal, Rauf, Ajay  & Shilpa

Summary:Jaat Hi Poocho Sadhu Ki is the Hindi adaptation of  Vijay Tendulkar’s very popular play Pahije Jateeche by Dr.Vasant Deo. Directed by Late. Dinesh Thakur, JaatHi Poochho Sadhu Ki is a bitter comedy hitting out at casteism and is also a tongue-in- cheek comment on the education system that specializes in churning out educated illiterates.

When: 1st October, Saturday

Where: Godrej Theatre NCPA, Nariman Point

Time:  7:00 pm


Plays to be staged: Hai Mera Dil

Cast: Preeta Mathur Thakur, Aman Gupta, Ajit Sawant, S C Makhija, Atul Mathur, Shanker Iyer, Ashish Saleem, Kamal & Shilpa Chakravarthy

Summary: “Hai Mera Dil” is a hilarious look into the life of a well-meaning hypochondriac who turns his life upside down with his irrational fears.A hypochondriac  of  a  husband, through some misunderstanding is  convinced  that  he  is  going  to  die  soon  of  a  serious  heart  ailment.   So  he starts  to  put  his  affairs  in  order  and  the  first  thing  to  be  done  is  to  plan  his  beloved  wife’s  marriage so  that  she  is  taken  care  of.  However  he  cannot  reveal  to  his  wife  the  seriousness of  the  situation.  The  wife  starts  taking  his  suspicious  ways and  behavior  for  infidelity… his  noble  thought  boomerangs and  now  the  husband  is  running  for  wife…..and  life!!”

When:2 nd October, Sunday

Where: Godrej Theatre NCPA ,Nariman Point

Time: 7:00 Pm

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