Is Kambakht Sathe Ka Kya Kare?


Credits to Ashutosh Patwardhan

Is Kambakht Sathe Ka Kya Kare, a combined production of Udaan Performing Arts & Rangdhara The Theatre Stream, is gaining much popularity among the theater lovers.

When we talk about popularity among audience it is usually proportional to the word of mouth which follows after a production and then the response the next day. The last show of this production was more than houseful, with people coming in even half an hour before the show ended.

Is Kambakht Sathe Ka Kya Kare? The play is an adaptation of a Marathi play ‘Sathecha Kay Karaycha’ penned by a noted playwright Rajiv Naik translated into Hindi by Jyoti Subhash.

Abhay – Saurabh Gharipurikar
Salma – Richa Jain
Music – Siddhesh Dharmadhikari
Lights – Krishna Shukl
Design & Direction – Saurabh Gharipurikar

This play is a very simple combination of reality and hope. It is an art when one has to act out the daily lives of common man. One might also argue, why should one come to see what they are living every day, but then never ever was one canvas similar to another in this world. This story in particular deals with an amazing combination of Muslim wife and a Hindu husband and their problems in life which has nothing to do with this fact.
10527586_677097509032337_8943176067064995064_nRicha, a very new face in Hyderabad theater acted exceptionally well as Salma.It won’t be wrong to say that Udaan discovered a potential actor and gave her wings. Salma’s character was very subtle in nature and needed less of glamour and more of understanding. Audience were engrossed in the story even when Richa as Salma conveyed a lot through silence. Her quick presence of mind in each scene was an asset in complementing a very well known theater actor himself, Saurabh Gharipurikar who is also the Director of this play and founder of Udaan Performing Arts.
Saurabh Gharipurikar portrayed the character of Abhay an ad maker. Needless to say as a director he had a better grasp of the script and thus was leading (as for now) in terms of energy on the stage.He is also seen in a similar and not so similar play “Miya-Biwi” as Miya. If you have seen this play, then you would also appreciate the potential of the actor to enact similar role plays with so much versatility.
The technical team was also perfect, the music by Siddesh was timely and as for light by Krishna Shukl, it always set the right mood of the story.
Yes, this time I was in audience! And I must conclude with this, don’t miss the ending.
Also, scope of improvement is staircase to success, thus would also like to add, less of side profiles can make it even better.
Each of the actor are also part of other productions. As for now, you can get another scoop of Saurabh Gharipurikar in Bhaskar Shwewalkar’s Production Natsamrat on 12th and 14th of Aug. at Telugu University Auditorium at 7:30 p.m
For more details you can also contact:9849063890

Rest in Next! Cya!