TedxPune speaker talk: Sarang Gosavi


Photograph: Sarang Gosavi Facebook

It’s in flickering moments of time, you catch something : which grows up to be an idea. In an interview with Sarang Gosavi, My Theatre Cafe shares some of his TEDxPune2016 experiences:

 How does it feel to be a part of the TEDx community ?

It’s amazing, best opportunity which we have got. I was surprised when they contacted me, as I haven’t done much. It was just a story  (Asseem ) it started with an impulse and I am doing something.

How did the idea come to you, of helping people in such situations, zones where the people-to-people connect is gone ?

Frankly, it started with an impulse. I just heard Lt. Gen. Vinayak Patankar talking and he said (to me ) guys like you should be in Kashmir. And it struck in my mind  and so I just started. And people in Kashmir are so nice that, once you start interacting with them; you get associated with them and then it happens.


Photograph: Sarang Gosavi Facebook

What does Kashmir mean to you ?

Life and there is no other thing. They have saved my life multiple times. I was in situations which was horrifying and couldn’t even speak a word, and my students have come in between and stood; so it’s life I mean.

What do you think about the media talking about such issues, how responsible is it ? Or do you think media could function better in covering such situations ?

Media certainly can do lot better, for  a reason that, they highlight all the negative things; but they do not highlight positive things. Like: Tajumul Islam was an eight-year old kick boxer girl who won the gold medal, media isn’t highlighting her. Media is not highlighting 99 percent who have studied. They are just highlighting blasts and terrorists, which everyone knows.