Rendezvous with producer of Music album Halchal – Rabindra Sangeet in Gujarati Language

Music is universal. It is every where. It is in sound and in silence. Pitch, rhythm and dynamics vary from culture to culture, but one thing is sure that it connects all. If Vishal-Shekhar can make Akon sing in Hindi with his own singing style, Pritam can make American Rapper Snoop Dogg to sing Singh is King, then how about something like Bengali Rabindra music sounds in Gujarati language? Interesting! isn’t it?

Bhavin Seth and Sanjay Shah are successful publisher of a magazine called Mahanagar Kolkata Halchal. They released a music album few months back on Rabindra Sangeet. I got a chance to have a word with them when they are honored as members of Vishwa Guajrati Samaj. Born and brought up in Kolkata, their strings are still attached with native Gujarat. Certain forms of art and lacking in Gujarat, music in particular has only few forms that is Sugam Sangeet, Garba, Bhajan and folk song. That are common with every region. They wanted do add something more to these.


still from halchalIdea was made into Action.  It was the occasion of celebrating of Tagore’s copyright free work. When the copyright act was lifted over the Rabindranath Tagore’s work, Publisher of Mahanagar Kaolkata Halchal Magazine gave a tribute to Tagore by compiling a music album of nine songs in Gujarati language written and composed by Tagore. It was indeed a brilliant idea to connect the Gujarati audience with the Rabindra Sangeet.

Rabindra Sangeet or Tagore songs are songs written and composed by Rabindranath Tagore. They have distinctive characteristic in the music world and it is so much popular among music lovers across the world, especially in India and Bangladesh.

“Yes, there are some songs available in Gujarati language, and we want to come up with an album. We were always wanted to do something for Gujarat and we find it quite correct time and thing to contribute for native place and people. We are already publishing a Gujarati Magazine being in Kolkata, now it was occasion to give something different to the mother land.” said Sanjay shah.
“There are many Tagore songs were translated into Gujarati and many other regional languages. All the translated songs are become so popular into other languages also. Our intention was to produce the same with lyrics.” said Bhavin Seth. 

“Being a Gujarati and lover of Rabindra Sangeet, I wanted to do something for my native, though born and brought up in Kolkata, I do respect and love the place and want to show the love by contributing some novel thing to native. Everything for the music was already there; the effort was to transliterate the lyrics. We have a famous writer Dinesh Modi and he is the man who can do this task effectively. In a little time span of two months he made it possible to transliterate Tagore’s songs into Gujarati” added Sanjay Shah.

Now the question was who can be the voice? There is talented singer in Kolkata, Sasha Ghoshal, born a brought up in Canada, came to India

Music album - Halchal

Music album – Halchal

for the quest of music, has learnt the music and has powerful voice. We proposed him to sing for our album in Gujarati. Initially hesitated because of language barrier, he made it possible to sing. It took us 15 days to book a studio and make Sasha sing with the perfect dialect. Before singing any song Sasha wants us to sit in front of him and then the rest is in our hand – Such a beautiful work – Music album, said Bhavin Seth.

A Kolkata born Bengali duo is so much passionated with art and heritage of music that just as the copy right act was lifted from the Rabindra Sangeet, they made a Canadian born Bengali singer sing the nine selected version of the Rabindra Sangeet into Guajarati. Again it was not so easy to produce without transliteration of the lyrics. They managed it with Dinesh Modi, well known writer.

Dinesh Modi is well known writer of Gujarati languages based out of Kolkata. Producer of the music album Sanjay was so much excited to produce the album, but was looking some proper soothing Bengali voice to sing the lyrics in Gujarati for Rabindra Sangeet. Some of the tracks in the albums are: “Mam Chitte Nitya Nitya”, “Ore Bhai Fagun”, “Pagal Hawana Dristi Dine”, “Agnirup Tav Parasmani”, “Jeevan Jyare Sukai Jaay”, “Purana Ae Divaso”, “Antar Mam Viksit Karo”, “Tu Rehshe Nirve” and “Jaanu Chu hu Jaanu Videshini”

The music lovers are across the world is enjoying music so deeply that they enjoy it without any language barrier. And it is so relevant for any type of music! The music is made for the music and so, the album is not for sold. Art for Art’s sake!

Album Credit :
A Tribute To Tagore by Mahanagar Kolkata HALCHAL.
Ravi Sur-Dhara , Rabindra Sangeet In Gujarati.
SInger- Sasha Ghoshal, Translation in Gujarati – Dinesh Modi

Written by – Gargi Raval