When she used to be thin!

confusionThe relation of this week’s ‘Telescope’ with the world of art and culture is limited. The origin of the idea lied in a conversation about an artist and that’s it, nothing more, but I realised later that it’s a universal issue which we deal with everyday and thus it wouldn’t be a bad idea to talk about it in the space assigned to me on ‘My Theatre Cafe’.

After a good foregrounding I shall now proceed to the actual subject. So, I met this film actor who used to be 4-5 years senior to me in college. He was finishing his masters when I entered the University. My interest for co-curricular activities brought me closer to him. The proximity later turned into friendship and we started sharing things, and very soon we became close friends. His girlfriend was also a part of the bigger cultural group and she was one of the more popular girls of the campus. She was thin and fit, and of course beautiful in worldly senses. Please don’t categorise me as a conservative because I am not even thinking about presenting the other gender in a defamatory way. Don’t you dare think that I am one of those chauvinists or unaware of the contemporary feminist movements!

Anyway, so our own Miss Congeniality was popular fir her physical fitness and mentally stimulating talks. We remembered her for the sparkling flamboyancy even when she left the campus. The conversation automatically took a turn towards her and the actor asked me about her. I told him that she has gained a lot of weight and is set to marry next month. He couldn’t believe his ears and simply refused to accept that she has gained weight.

Later, when another friend joined us and showed the actor some photographs he came to terms with the reality. Then the truth started to fall upon us and we recognised that we also need to shed weight in order to be more productive. During college days, we used to be more active due to street plays and other cultural events, but things have changed now.

Do I sound like a man struggling with the middle age crisis? Well, I am still well under 30 and more or less ‘healthy’, but yes the latest developments can’t be termed absolutely positive. You know what I mean, right? I am sure you are also fiddling with this weight problem.

This situation reminds me of a viral Facebook post which said that 27-28 is not a nice age for guys. Ex-girlfriends are getting married and you can’t even eat without worrying about the calories. I used to think that it would be like films where 28 something heroes take on the world. Reality bites man!

I still don’t know which direction this blog is going to take from here-on. Yes, I know what exactly are you thinking? Please trust, I am not going to write my New Year resolutions here, but by now you must have got a basic idea of it.

Man, it’s confusing. Not the blog but my thought process. At least I would like to believe it this way.

Hope the New Year brings clarity my stream of ideas. If this happens then I don’t need anything else.


Kshitij Joshi