Some TEDxCommunities round the globe

Local communities, inspire problems and also have a key to the solution. Think tanks, common populace draw upon observation which so forms the base of scientific knowledge. Administration also rely on such information to draw a road map for the community. TedxCommunities in a way form the grassroots of TED. Let’s see some TEDxCommunities:



Sanne Blauw , speaks on how news stories mis-represent statistics. She also speaks on sexual assault and related statistics.She is a journalist for Amsterdam-based De Correspondent.

2. TEDxArendal


Artist Karen Bit Vejle practices a unique art called: psaligraphy. The art entails , creating detailed paper cuttings.

3. TEDxOlympia


Mediation stretches from play-making to borders and political interaction; in this thought provoking talk, Madeline Poultridge teaches to use conflict resolution techniques to get through conversations. Listen to her super-hilarious talk.

4. TedxJaipur


Watch this teaser from TedxJaipur.

5. Tedx Paris


Matthieu Ricard speaks on altruism!

The TedxCommunities are home to ideas and certainly bring them together!